Defendant 5


Writer/Director Heidi Douglas

Producer Ruth Cross

Executive Producer Simon Nasht


ABC TV, Al Jazeera English, Screen Australia, Screen Tasmania, Metro Screen


29 mins documentary (ABC)

25 mins documentary (Al Jazeera)


ABC broadcast December 2014, Al Jazeera broadcast March 2015


Defendant 5 website



ABC program website

Young filmmaker Heidi Lee Douglas goes to Tasmania to make a documentary about the destruction of the island’s ancient forests. As anti-logging protests escalate, Heidi crosses the line from filmmaker to activist. Logging giant Gunns Ltd reacts to public pressure by suing Heidi and 19 others for $6.4 million for allegedly conspiring to destroy the company’s business. When Heidi discovers Gunns wants to use her footage as evidence to support its claims, she faces a moral dilemma. Heidi’s response is to turn the camera on herself to document her personal struggle as she goes into battle against a corporation out of control.