Inside the Inferno


Director Max Bourke

Writer & Executive Producer Simon Nasht

Producers Marcus Gillezeau & Ellenor Cox




2 x 52mins documentary series


SBS broadcast November 2014


Inside the Inferno website

Nowhere else in the world is so regularly ravaged by infernos of the intensity, scale and destructive force of the Australian bushfire. As our population grows and spreads and as the effects of climate change are felt, the danger to loss of life and property escalates. 

What do we know about bushfires and how can we prevent their devastating consequences? Not surprisingly, Australia is a world leader in fire research and the complex and technologically sophisticated job of fire fighting and prevention.

Inside The Inferno takes us into the terrifying heart of major fire events, unfolding the research that explains how fires start, grow and change; and how we predict them, prevent them, fight them and hopefully survive these violent natural disasters. 

Inside The Inferno explores not only the devastating mega fires such as Black Saturday in Victoria 2009 and the Canberra fires of 2003, but also major fire-fronts that received little attention. 

With exclusive access to the world’s largest fire fighting organisations, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA), this two part series is the most comprehensive examination ever attempted of the science of big fires.

Filmed using ground-breaking techniques that reveal the awesome power of fires and the immense effort that goes into fighting them the battle rages as we go Inside the Inferno.