Life on Us


Producer/Director Annamaria Talas

Executive Producer Simon Nasht

Co-producer Ruth Cross


Co-producers Mona Lisa Production (France)

SBS, ARTE France

Screen Australia


2 x 52 mins science documentary series


SBS broadcast premiere April 2014 


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There are still unexplored planets in our Solar System - strange worlds of bizarre creatures locked in a fight for survival. These unknown worlds are you and me. Each one of us is a walking ecosystem teeming with a wide variety of life forms in their trillions. 

Now, using new camera technology these creatures can be revealed:  Microscopic organisms that ooze from the pores on our face, worms that are now being purposefully inserted into our intestines, and microbes that can even change the way that we behave. From cancer to allergies, depression to flesh eating diseases these creatures could influence us in ways we are only now beginning to understand. We are not simply human, we are a unique and diverse collection of life forms. 

This is the untold story of Life On Us.