Recognition: Yes or No?


Writer/Executive Producer Simon Nasht

Producer Ruth Cross

Writer/Director Kay Pavlou


ABC, Screen Australia, Screen NSW 


1 hour  documentary


Released 2016 on ABC TV

 20 September 8.30pm

Indigenous politician Linda Burney and conservative commentator Andrew Bolt are deeply divided on recognising the unique nature of Aboriginal Australians in the Constitution. She says it would heal wounds, help with reconciliation and be nation building. He says it would be a racist act in itself that will divide rather than unite us. Aiming to change each other’s views, they embark on a four-week journey to seek out opinions from community leaders, lobbyists and lawmakers in Australia and New Zealand. Some want the emphasis put on education, some on a treaty, and some are applying their minds to how to remove a section of the Constitution that still refers to ‘race’ without affecting the legal foundation for native title. How important constitutional recognition is for Indigenous Australia and the nation is a subject all Australians will need to grapple with if it goes to a referendum.